Medical Physician Preparation (MPP) Academy

A Division of the NAPCA Foundation

We are an early outreach pre-med and medical school readiness program, committed to preparing the next generation of medical doctors and scientists for the physician and healthcare workforce.

MPP Academy

Medical Physician Preparation Academy

Welcome to the

Future Physician Pipeline Scholarship Program!

Congratulations for receiving the MPP Academy Future Physician Pipeline Scholarship (FPP Scholarship). Your school has recognized your academic efforts by selecting you to receive a full tuition FPP scholarship to the MPP Academy. I commend you for your efforts to become a high achieving student who excels in math and science. I appreciate your desire to explore a possible career as a medical physician or your ambition to become a medical doctor. Please share this good news with your family!

The MPP Academy’s online student conferences, pre-pre-med academic program activities on weekends throughout the academic year, and an intensive summer program at a top university campus will keep you engaged. In addition to the workshops and seminars that focus on pre-med math and science courses, the college readiness, career exploration and planning courses are designed to help you break through social, cultural and academic barriers. We truly desire to “set you up for success”!

The scholarship award waives full tuition for both the Academic and Summer Intensive programs for the 2023 calendar year. The next cohort starts in April 2023, so time is of the essence to apply since cohort seats are limited.

FPP Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship funds cannot be used for student housing, meals, the student registration fee, student activities, and other non-tuition related expenses during the Summer Intensive Program.

For commuter students:

Scholarships cover the cost of attending the virtual and on-campus program as a commuter.

For residential students:

Scholarships cover attending all classes and program activities daily. The scholarship funding does not cover the cost to live on campus, such as daily housing and three meals per day.

Please remember that the scholarship award is not a guarantee of MPP Academy admission. It is imperative that you complete the application process for the Academic and Summer Intensive Programs to be admitted as soon as possible. The admission and enrollment process can be found at

If you get accepted to our program and receive a scholarship award, but there are no seats available in our upcoming cohort, then MPP will place you on a waitlist for the next available cohort start date (That’s why it is vital you apply as soon as possible!). Again, congratulations on being the kind of exceptional student that teachers would recommend for a scholarship! We wish you future success in your career endeavors and hope MPP Academy can be a part of your success!

*The NAPCA Foundation has received several generous donations to establish the Future Physician Pipeline (FP2) Grant program.
FPP grant funding will support a select group of students to receive full tuition scholarships to participate in the Medical Physician Preparation (MPP) Academy, which operates at UCLA, Harvard, and other universities.



MPP Office of DEI Initiatives & Community Partnerships

Amanda Vasquez

Co-Director, DEI Initiatives & Community Partnerships

800-799-4640 ext. 803