Medical Physician Preparation (MPP) Academy

A Division of the NAPCA Foundation

We are committed to building a diverse pipeline of future medical doctors and scientists for the physician and healthcare workforce, as early as 4th grade, that is more representative of the U.S. population.

MPP Academy

Prepare for Your Virtual Information Session Checklist

Thank you for your interest in NAPCA’s MPP Academy!  We invite you to join our amazing community of student leaders who are serious about exploring the field of medicine and making a positive impact in their community.  This document is intended to prepare you for your Virtual Information Session and we highly encourage you to complete all steps prior to attending. Our intention is to be efficient with everyone’s time and to discuss questions that the website, informational videos or brochures do not address. 

Blue colored text: Indicates a link to a website, document, or form for you to review.

Step 1: Prepare for Your Virtual Information Session

The brochures and videos will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the programs and will help you to determine if the MPP Academy will be a good fit for your student.  The brochure and videos do not cover tuition, cost of attendance or the student learning outcomes which will be discussed in detail during the virtual information session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the top 5 reasons to attend the MPP Academy?

Please review the 5 Reasons to Attend the MPP Academy video to learn more.

What are the program dates and locations?

Due to COVID-19, All MPP programs have been canceled for summer 2021 until further notice. We hope to offer our on-campus residential programs at all program locations in the states listed below, starting summer 2022. We are currently working with the universities that host our programs each summer to finalize program location and dates.

In the event COVID-19 persists and does not allow for us to operate our residential program in 2022 we will operate virtually.  We will accept applications for students to enroll in the MPP Academy as an online student.

  • Programs at NAPCA have not been canceled since we opened our doors in 2009. We have been very fortunate. In the event that a NAPCA program session needs to be canceled, the decision will be based on causes beyond NAPCA’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, fire, insurrection, laws, proclamations, ordinances or regulations, strikes, lock-outs or other serious labor disputes, riots, contamination or disease affecting the use of program facilities, earthquakes, floods, explosions or other acts of nature. For these reasons, students will receive a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit. However, the total amount of the non-refundable deposit paid can be transferred to the next available program session.

What are the features and benefits of the program?

Please review the Why Choose MPP webpage or Features and Benefits videos to learn more.

What are the admission requirements for the MPP programs?

Please visit the individual MPP programs for specific admission requirements.

What is the tuition and cost of attendance of the MPP Academy?

The tuition and cost of attendance will be discussed in detail at the virtual information session.

What is NAPCA’s response to COVID-19?

Please visit our COVID-19 Information page to learn more.

How does NAPCA prioritize student safety and supervision?

Please visit our Student Safety & Supervision page to learn more.