Medical Physician Preparation (MPP) Academy

A Division of the NAPCA Foundation

We are committed to building a diverse pipeline of future medical doctors and scientists for the physician and healthcare workforce, as early as 4th grade, that is more representative of the U.S. population.

MPP Academy

Program Components & Activities

The MPP Academy is a year-round, early outreach, medical school preparation pipeline program that provides a broad range of academic and career experiences, and personalized guidance to help build a diverse pipeline of future medical doctors who are prepared to succeed in the pre med university gateway courses, medical school and beyond.

MPP scholars take pre-med foundational courses and a variety of college and career readiness workshops during the school year and in the summer. During the school year, MPP scholars attend live online classes face-to-face via Zoom, for 2-3 hours per week, typically on the weekend, for 35 weeks (September – June). As the school year ends, scholars continue to cultivate these skills through the MPP Academy’s Summer Intensive program at a top university.

Program Components

I. "Pre" Pre-Med Academic Year Program

(Hybrid: Online/On-Campus)

During the school year, students attend live online classes face-to-face via Zoom, for 2-3 hours per week, typically on the weekend, for 35 weeks. In addition, students meet in-person on a university campus, every other month on Saturdays. Students will not meet during holidays.

II. "Pre" Pre-Med 1, 2, or 3 Week Summer Residential Program at a Top University

(On-Campus | Fully Online via Zoom)
  • During the high school years, students participate in a 1, 2, or 3 week online and on-campus, summer intensive at a top university.
  • Students live in the dorms on a university campus, spend 8-10 hours a day learning and experiencing collegiate life.
  • Participants take pre-med foundational courses and a variety of college and career readiness workshops.
  • Enrollment Options: Students enroll in the 1, 2, or 3 week summer intensive as a:
    • Commuter student (Drop Off: 7:45am, Pick Up: 5:00pm)
    • Commuter extended student (Drop Off: 7:45am, Pick Up: 8:00pm)
    • Residential student (Live on campus)

III. 'So You Want to be a Medical Doctor?' Virtual Student Conference

(Online via Zoom)
  • The ‘So You Want to be a Medical Doctor?’ Virtual Student Conference is a free, international early outreach medical physician pipeline program offered to schools throughout the year via Zoom.
  • MPP Academy students will attend exclusive student conference dates in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Participation in the student conference provides students with the opportunity to network with other students across the United States and globally.
  • The program is facilitated by medical school students, practicing medical physicians and scientists, and medical school faculty and leaders.

The conference is comprised of three activities:

  • Clinical Simulation Experience
  • Pre-College Human Anatomy & Physiology Seminar
  • Medical School Panel Discussion, Q&A Session: Preparing for Pre-
  • Medical University Coursework & Medical School

Program Activities

Ceremonies and Celebrations

MPP hosts a number of events throughout the year for scholars and their families beginning with the New Student Orientation session and concluding with the Program Culmination Ceremony. Our New Student Orientation session held every spring introduces newly selected scholars and their families to the rules and expectations one is expected to uphold as a MPP scholar.

Summer Intensive "Opening Ceremony"

We begin each summer intensive with a formal Opening Ceremony on a university campus where we introduce the newest cohort of MPP Scholars and welcome returning scholars and families for another exciting year to the campus community.

Family Night

As the summer intensive encounters its midway point, MPP hosts a Family Night, inviting families onto the university campus to meet with MPP faculty and learn about the courses and activities scholars have been taking throughout the summer.

Summer Intensive "Closing Ceremony"

We wrap up each summer intensive with a Closing Ceremony where scholars present highlights from their summer experience and celebrate the hard work that our scholars put forth toward their goal of becoming a future medical doctor.

MPP Graduation Ceremony for Graduating Seniors

Lastly, MPP hosts a Graduation Ceremony toward the end of the school year to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our graduating seniors and highlight their college enrollment commitments for the upcoming Fall semester.

Research Symposium

Toward the end of each summer intensive, scholars participate in the Research Symposium, presenting research posters that highlight their work in science and sociology to their peers, families, and MPP Faculty & Staff. The symposium features poster sessions and presentations.

College Readiness Activities

  • MPP prepares scholars for success at selective colleges and beyond. College preparation work is woven into the fabric of all MPP courses and activities.
  • MPP scholars gain the knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to successfully navigate through the competitive and complex college admissions, financial aid, and matriculation process with greater confidence, and reduced stress and anxiety.


While writing happens across the MPP curriculum in the summer and throughout the school year, the Summer Intensive writing courses are designed to develop specific writing skills and strategies. MPP scholars focus on the mechanics of good writing while developing persuasive and analytical essays using evidence. Additionally, MPP scholars will work to develop their personal perspectives and voices as writers in order to craft personal statements for college applications.

Pre-Med Clinical Simulation Activities

Physician-led clinical simulation activities range from the basics of interacting with patients, checking vitals, providing wound care, making incisions, administering injections, to suturing.

1 Week International Medicine & Healthcare Study Abroad Trip

  • Students will attend a 1 week on-campus MPP Academy summer intensive program at a well-respected University/medical school outside of the U.S. This study abroad trip will raise global awareness through students experiencing first-hand what it’s like to practice medicine internationally.
  • Additionally, students will learn about the social, economical, and environmental factors that affect the health of patients and populations in a healthcare system outside of the USA, with a particular focus on understanding the health inequities that exist between patient populations.

Career Exploration Seminars & Guest Speakers

Students will participate in career exploration seminars to discover their future career interests and learn about various types of careers.

Academic Skills Development & Writing for College and Career Success

  • Students will develop a more strategic approach to reading, college-level writing, note-taking, and researching topics for an academic paper in a quicker, more effective, way.
  • Students engage in academic skills development seminars to acquire effective learning habits to succeed in school. Seminar topics include effective study skills, note taking, time management, and organization skills.

Community Service & Cultural Activities

  • MPP students develop a service-oriented mindset, engaging in community service learning projects and will experience cultures domestically, as well as internationally.

Medical School Tours & Visits to Local Hospitals & Clinics

  • As part of the career exploration process, students participate in medical school tours and visits to local hospitals and clinics to observe the activities of physicians and residents in a variety of specialties.

Program Culmination: Poster Session

Students will showcase their Personal Strategic Plan (education and career plan) and celebrate their MPP Academy experience with their family, peers, and MPP faculty/staff.


  • MPP Scholars engage with a hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum in the laboratories and classrooms during the MPP Summer Intensive. Using the scientific method as a guide, scholars explore real-life scientific questions and work through experimental laboratory science in a range of scientific fields.
  • Scholars have opportunities to design and implement their own research projects in the context of each summer’s curricular focus. By experiencing research firsthand, scholars deepen their understanding of the scientific method and of the challenges facing scientists in both the laboratory setting and the real world. A holistic focus on honest data reporting and scientific writing improves scholars’ communication skills and helps lay a foundation of scientific literacy.
  • Each summer wraps up with a “Research Symposium” where scholars present their work to the MPP academic community.


Our Literature course seeks to examine how to read and why. We think about the process and purpose of reading, and the larger issues that subtend written texts. MPP Literature assigns specific novels for each cohort and a collaborative effort to explore issues across cohort groups. Scholars explore their own understanding of complex themes and participate in the creation of original compositions and critiques, as well as an original dramatic event integrating their words with classic texts to create a unique collaborative production. Written assignments take the form of short responses designed to elicit questions and concerns in addition to areas of interest for class discussion. The course emphasizes a variety of reading experiences (assigned and independent) and a range of approaches (written, oral and dramatic) to engage the content and magic of literature. MPP scholars will read novels, short fiction, plays and poetry from a range of authors, including Chimimanda Ngochie Adichie, Sherman Alexie, James Baldwin, Octavia Butler, Edwidge Danticat, Junot Diaz, Khaled Hosseini, Toni Morrison, Amy Tan and more.

Pre-Med Foundations: Academic Preparation for Pre-Med Coursework

  • Extensive academic instruction in pre-medical college coursework including math, science, and academic writing.
  • Pre-medical preparation will increase completion in pre-med math and science gateway college courses with grades that allow students to be more competitive for admission to medical school.
  • Students will meet with their cohort, program faculty, and staff weekly, for about 2-4 hours throughout the academic year.

Public Speaking Course

Students will discover how to speak confidently and persuasively to both large audiences and small groups.

College and Medical School Admissions Advising

  • Students receive college and medical school admissions advising to help them navigate the college admissions and medical school application process.

College and Medical School Affordability Advising

  • Students receive college and medical school affordability instruction and financial aid advising.

Mentoring and Career Coaching for Personal & Professional Development

  • Students are paired with a Mentor/Career Coach that provides mentorship and personalized support for professional and personal development into the field of medicine.

MCAT Test Prep

  • Students will receive test preparation for the Medical College Admissions Test, commonly used in the Medical School Admissions holistic review admissions process.

College Tours

  • College tours are an essential aspect of the MPP Academy experience. Day-trips to public and private colleges and universities take place each summer. Over three years, scholars will explore close to 30 of the nation’s top colleges and universities.
  • Students learn about academic and residential life and meet with University admissions officers to learn about admission requirements and the college application process.
  • Students also meet with current college students who will share age-appropriate college life experiences and provide recommendations on how to start preparing for college as a college-bound student.


MPP offers students a dynamic experience in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Financial Literacy while preparing them for the rigor of college-level mathematics and life after high school. Students collaborate in groups to solve problems, work on enrichment projects, have mathematical conversations, and explain their work to one another by giving oral presentations.


During the summer intensive, scholars take an Intro to Sociology course. The course gives scholars a broad introduction to the major themes and areas of research that sociologists explore – including the disparity in outcomes in terms of education, health and wealth across race, class and gender categories. As part of the course, scholars conduct independent research engaging with both large, publicly available data sets and research articles and constructing their own survey in order to create a 7-10 page research paper. The scholars present their research and findings during the annual Summer Intensive Research Symposium.

Career Exploration & Planning Guidebook: Navigating the Path to Medical School

  • Students receive a comprehensive textbook (written exclusively for MPP Academy participants) that empowers them with the tools and resources to navigate the career exploration and planning process.
  • Additionally, students will develop a personal strategic action plan (pre-med roadmap to medical school) as part of their capstone project.

Career Simulation

Students will experience a variety of career paths through career simulation experiences to get a taste of what a future career might be like.

Career Simulation

  • Students will experience a variety of career paths through career simulation experiences to get a taste of what a future career might be like.

Social-Emotional Skills & Resiliency Training for College and Career Readiness

  • Social-Emotional Seminars help students learn how to break through their barriers (including the fear of failure and fear of the unknown) and develop the resilience needed to achieve their future career goal of becoming a medical physician.
  • Additionally, students learn how to manage their emotions, build healthy relationships, strengthen their mental toughness and emotional-intelligence, and learn how to control impulses, negative thoughts, and feelings.

Peer to Peer Mentoring

  • Students are surrounded by like-minded peers and encouraged to support each other and share knowledge, tools, and resources. Additionally, the MPP Academy creates a culture of empowerment through the mentorship of professionals and medical specialists that supports students on their journey to becoming a future doctor.

Academic Enrichment Courses in Mathematics, Science, Academic Writing, & Public Speaking

Supplemental academic instruction courses in writing and grammar, mathematics, science, and public speaking will be provided to help students meet and/or exceed common core state standards in mathematics, science, and english language arts.

Strengthen Math & Science Skills

Students strengthen their confidence and foundational math and science skills to improve their overall performance in school for the next grade level.

Increase Writing Skills

Students improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension skills, and receive targeted instruction in sentence writing, paragraph writing, grammar and mechanics, and introductory essay writing.

Improve Public Speaking Skills

Students learn how to become an effective public speaker! Students discover how to speak confidently and persuasively to both large audiences and small groups. Students learn how to plan and deliver presentations skillfully and how to manage their fear of public speaking.

Healthcare Industry Certifications: First Aid, CPR, BLS, AED, and HIPAA

  • Students earn First Aid and CPR Certification, AED & BLS Certification, and HIPAA Compliance Training & Certification.

Live & Learn on a College Campus

  • You will live and learn within a safe and secure college environment to experience what it will be like as a college student.
  • You will live in the freshman dorms to learn about residential life and meet with University admissions officers to learn about admission requirements and the college application process.
  • You will also meet with current college students who will share age-appropriate college life experiences and provide recommendations on how to start preparing for college as a college-bound student.
  • Additionally, you will attend NAPCA classes on campus, tour the University campus, and experience eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the University dining hall with your NAPCA family.

Capstone PSAP Project: Personal Strategic Action Planning: “A Roadmap to Your Future Career”

Small groups of students work collaboratively to complete their own “Individual Personal Strategic Action Plan (PSAP)” to identify their core personal values, conduct a career field analysis, choose and explore their career of interest and specialty, and develop a roadmap to reach their career goal.

Yoga & Mindfulness

  • Every summer, MPP Scholars participate in a 4-part yoga class that introduces them to both the movement and mindfulness components of yoga practice.

Social & Cultural Activities (Fun Activities)

  • Throughout the year and summer, we turn up the fun by providing exciting indoor and outdoor social, recreational, and cultural activities that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

MPP Academy Pre-Med Podcast

  • The MPP podcast will demystify the road to becoming a competitive applicant and applying for med school.
  • Additionally, the podcast will describe what it means to be in medical school and give perspectives from a diverse group of stakeholders (medical students, resident physicians, med school faculty and leadership, and licensed physicians) about their experiences in medical school including residency, and in the field of medicine.

Academic Tutoring

  • You will be provided with academic tutoring in math and English language arts to help you improve your confidence and academic performance.
  • Tutoring focuses on two key areas to help you master grade level common core state standards in mathematics and English language arts. First, we will administer a needs assessment aligned with your current grade level common core state standards in mathematics and English language arts to identify your learning gap. Then, we will work with you to close the gap based on the assessment.